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arc diff and ERR_CLOSED: This revision has already been closed.

March 10, 2015

Our team uses Phabricator’s Differential tool, and the command-line tool Arcanist on each developer’s machine, to generate nice-looking code-review dashboards.

Here is the workflow:

First, a developer works on a branch features-123. When he or she is ready to request a code review, the following command can be used:

arc diff master

That’s it: a nice code review dashboard is created, with a code like D34.

However, if we need to update the code, sometimes the review is marked as closed by differential, I’m not yet sure why, and I could not figure out how to reopen it. Now we get

arc diff master
ERR_CLOSED: This revision has already been closed.

If ignoring the current revision and just creating a new one (D35) fits your workflow, as it does ours, you have to specify that you want to create a new revision:

arc diff --create master

And voilà!