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Development module

March 22, 2014

When working on a project, I like to have my site deployment module, a custom module (for custom code), a single feature, and a development module.

The purpose of the development module is to enable all development tools at once for a given environment. It consists only of dependencies for the moment but could also define, say, better dummy content, mock objects and the like. I’d eventually like to have a way to disable these all at once.

Sometimes when my development database is off-track, I can do away with it and reinstall the site (this is easy because I’m not cloning the database]:

drush si -y; drush en mysite_deploy mysite_devel -y;

Here is what my mysite_devel’s .info file looks like:

name = My Site Devel
core = 7.x
description = Activate on dev environments only

dependencies[] = devel
dependencies[] = search_krumo
dependencies[] = maillog
dependencies[] = simpletest
dependencies[] = masquerade
dependencies[] = views_ui
dependencies[] = context_ui
dependencies[] = devel_generate