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Run all update hooks in the install hook

November 19, 2013

I wouldn’t recommend this for a contrib module, but for your deployment module, you’ll probably want an initial deployment, which calls only the install hook, to result in the site being in the same state as all the update hooks. Note that this can be time-consuming, so it’s necessary to drush en mysite_deploy rather than the modules page in the GUI. Thus, when you run your simpletests, when you deploy a new common or local environment, you can be confident that your database resembles what you have on an environment which has existed for a longer period of time.

function mysite_deploy_install() {
  for ($i = 7001; $i < 8000; $i++) {
    $candidate = 'mysite_deploy_update_' . $i;
    if (function_exists($candidate)) {