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Microsoft Mozaik is unusable

February 23, 2018

My school board, Marguerite-Bourgeoys, sent my wife and myself an email asking us to re-register our kids for the following year using Microsoft Mozaik software.

A link is provided to the Microsoft Mozaik portal.

My wife tried registering several times, getting “verification codes” which never work. I then tried myself, getting a first verification code which was deemed invalid. I then requested a second verification code, and the system sent me two more. I tried the second one and it was declared invalid as well, telling me I tried too often and to try again later.

How is it that everyone except Microsoft has figured out how to get people to log into their site? The software is frustrating, has made us lose about an hour of our time, makes parents feel like idiots, and is impossible to log into.

Edit: after several tries, I managed to log in, but why on earth would Microsoft enforce a password of 16 characters or less?